Harrington's Five Stations

Harrington's mainline LMS station


Changing the points

A very early photograph

High Harrington station on the Cleator & Workington Junction Railway line

Today's view of the same stretch as above
(now the cycle path) taken from the remains of the platform under the Main Road bridge.

Church Road station was up to the right but nothing remains of it.

A passenger train on the C&WJR Lowca branch line.

The stretch of line being used by the train above

The remains of the Archer Street station on the C&WJR branch line
as above which was to join with the Harrington & Lowca Light line.

Copperas Hill station on the Harrington & Lowca Light Railway line was used
by passengers from 1912 to 1921. The loco in the picture has just completed
the 1 in 17 climb from the junction with the C&WJR line above Rose Hill.

The Harrington & Lowca Light Railway line coming up the 1 in 15
climb from the harbour to join the C&WJR line on Copperas hill.

Harrington Waggonworks on the harbourside

Stanley Jackson's scrapbook says that this is a passenger train standing in Lowca Station consisting of Furness Railway Company's loco number 92 and five coaches and that the photo was probably taken in 1913 which is when the passenger service was started.