St. Mary's Church

St. Mary's church and rectory in around 1850

The unusual roofline caused the church to be referred to as "the snail church".
To the right of the church you can see the reservoir being dug out as enlarged below.

St. Marys with it's pre 1906 low tower

Coloured version of picture (from an old postcard)

The old window (pre 1912)

The Bible class of 1917

Standing: William Francis, Harry Daglish, Albert Poole, Joseph Lees,
Joseph Askew, Ernest Saunders
Seated: Albert Greatrex, Thomas Wilkinson, Rev. Walter Johnson (Curate),
Stanley Jackson. Sidney Craig, Thomas Jackson
At the front: Thomas Woodburn, Robinson Wood, Newton Williamson.

The present tower was consecrated by the Lord Bishop of Carlisle on May 15th 1907.
The foundation stone was laid on Sept 6th 1906.

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