Harrington Ships

The Philomela off Harrington in 1846 (by Joseph Heard).


The Ann Gambles

The Ann Gambles

The Figurehead of the Ann Gambles

The Ann Gambles, with the lady herself,
together with husband John Gambles.

East Croft (off Scaw Road) - Home of the Gambles

The Grave of the Gambles

The John Gambles

The Cumbriana / Oweenee (picture from www.mightyseas.co.uk)

The Geltwood

The Geltwood was a Williamson's ship which was launched on the 11th January 1876.

In June 1876, on her maiden voyage, she was lost with all hands in a storm off the coast of Australia.

The story of the discovery of the Geltwood is in "Harrington Through the Years" Book 6 .

The Mallsgate

The Mallsgate was also a Williamson's ship, built in 1877. She was a fast ship and made several trips to Australia and San Francisco.

In 1889 she left Newcastle, New South Wales, on a voyage to San Francisco with a cargo of coal, but came to grief on the Middleton Reef off Queensland. Luckily all the crew survived.

The Ida Iredale