The Old School
(The Tatie House)

This is the original Harrington school which was situated next to Hall Green farm.

Before the harbour and what is now Harrington was built, the village of Harrington was situated in the area round the bottom of Stocks Hill, Beckside and the lower part of what is now High Harrington. Hence the location of the village school. The building was later used by the farm as a "Tatie House" (to store potatoes).

The beams in the school were covered with the engraved initials of the pupils dating from around 1785 to 1815. The school had an open fire and when the pupils were left alone by the teacher they would take the poker out of the fire, climb onto a desk and burn their initials, and in some cases their names, into the beams.

The school was demolished (in spite of being listed) in the 1990s, but fortunately Alf Eve had photographed the building and those engravings he could reach before they were destroyed.

Geoff Johnstone also sketched the beams showing all the engravings, many of which could not be photographed, and their positions on the beams. These drawings have been photographed and can be seen on a separate web page "Old School Beam Sketches".

The site of the old school now (behind Little Croft).