High Harrington (3)
(Scaw Road and above)

Sycamore Terrace (Scaw Road) with the post office and the Galloping Horse

The Galloping Horse with the Francis family standing outside
(note the sign for the Strawberry Gardens)

In "Harrington Through The Years" Book 6 there was an article about the pubs
of Harrington, going back to 1851, which gave the Galloping Horse's location as
"Smithy Green". The Smithy is still in existance across the road, as shown below.

The Smithy was later converted into the High Harrington Reading Room.
It is still in great condition and in use as a garage.

Sycamore Terrace on Scaw Road, looking back to Main Road

"The Ghyll" on Scaw Road in about 1910. Mary Little is standing on the left. Florrie
(or Clara?) Harrison is on the donkey, Mabel Little (?) is to the left
and Jimmy Furness is in the ditch.

Looking up Main Road from the Galloping Horse

Looking back down towards Sycamore Terrace.
Note the sign on the police house on the right
See the connection with Ian Smith, former Prime Minister of Rhodesia.

Looking back from the top of Main Road.
(No traffic problems then!)

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