High Harrington (1)
(up to the hump-backed bridge)

Holme Crescent and Glebe Terrace

Harrington Industrial Co-operative Society Limited No. 1 Branch
(as seen in the picture above)

Looking down from the Brewery House to Glebeland Terrace.
Note the sign for Church Road Station on the bridge.

The Brewery House with "Croft Field" and cottages in the background

"Croft Field" in Ross View.
Mr. Miles Knowles is shown.

"Ranecroft" on Main Road

"Meadowville" (next door to "The Birches") built in 1904 as painted by local artist Norman Bell


"The Birches" in 1918, home of the late Stanley Jackson, whose scrapbooks and photographs were a major source for this website.

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