Harrington Harbour (1)

An early print of Harrington Harbour - note the ship run aground!

The first small quay at the mouth of the river Wyre was constructed by Henry Curwen in 1760. At that time there were no houses in the area and no ships recorded as belonging to Harrington. By 1794 there were around 60 ships. The main cargos were coal being shipped to Ireland from the mines of Henry Curwen and lime from Distington to Scotland.

The picture above is from a postcard from 1904 which was obviously re-touched. The "island" in the Solway is probably a cloud formation, which appears occasionally, which has been over-enthusiastically re-touched!

Ship at the Quayside.

The outer harbour showing the Wooden Pier and the Breakwater

The Inglewood in harbour

In the background on the right is a paddle tug.

The harbourside from Walker Brow

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