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"Harrington Through The Years" Book 11

The articles this time include - The Layburns in Harrington, the Winters of High Harrington, Low Scaw farm, Captain John Currey, the Class of 1946, Harrington Shore Works, William Armstrong, The Moore family, Harrington Regatta of 1857, School photos from 1955 and 1958 and Harrington Memorabilia.

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"Harrington Through The Years" Book 10

The book includes articles on the HMS Honey Bee visiting Harrington in 1918, The class of 1945, Harrington lads on National Service, the history of the Harrington gas works, several news articles and snippets, Harrington Memorabilia,
The old "Tatie Shed" School and interesting letters received.

Price £5

"Harrington Through The Years" Book 9

The book includes articles on Harrington railways, the Lime Road and burnt lime trade, the class of 1944, Annie Williamson's education committee medal, the Queen's silver jubilee party (with lots of photos), Isaac Edgar's accident at Harrington Station, the Stamper family, the harbour tugboat and the collapse of the lighthouse.

Price £5

"Harrington Through The Years" Book 8

The book includes articles on Harrington shipping companies, Harrington at war, Harrington war dead of the second world war, local heroes Norman Stubbs and Bill Currie, Harrington Youth Club, The Ernest Henry Mine, the 1915 attack on Lowca by a German submarine, a drowning in the harbour, the Atkinson Brothers who created the stained glass window in the parish church and a history of William Thomas and family and more.

Price £5

"Harrington Through The Years" Book 7

The book includes articles on the Williamson shipbuilding family, a brief history of many aspects of Harrington, the 90th anniversary of the end of WWI is commemorated with Harrington's roll of honour, the story of railways and wagonways in Harrington, an article on the Belgian refugees in Harrington and the orphanage, tales of a shark and a poem about Joseph Thompson's thumb, the story of William Bryan the postman and many other topics.

Price £5

"Harrington Through The Years" Book 6

The book includes articles on the discovery of the wreck of Harrington-built sailing ship the Geltwood off Western Australia (complete with the dive notes and sketches), an illustrated history of the pubs of Harrington, the Wells and Springs which were Harrington's early water supply, Tithes and Glebes in Harrington, the story of Billy Watson, the poem, and the Lonning named after him, the Rechabites in Harrington, the award of a Gold Watch and Presidential Medal to a Harrington man after the rescue of the crew of a US ship off Newfoundland, old Railway Posters, old Locos in Harrington Sand Pits, Wartime Experiences of local men and other topics. Price £5

"Harrington Through The Years" Book 5

The book includes articles on the Dreadful Explosion at John Pit, Squadron leader Ernest White's wartime experiences, a History of Harrington Sailing Ships, Law and order in Harrington, an account of the life and demise of the Philomela a Harrington ship, the wreck of the Geltwood off Western Australia, the diary of Thomas Small during his voyage to Australia, the Harrington man man who was Montgomery's driver, the story of a violent gale in the Solway in 1890 and the class of 1943.

Price £5

"Harrington Through The Years" Book 4

The book includes articles on Harrington churches, the class of 1941, early memories of Harrington, the Lowca light railway, Captain Sprott, and hard times in Harrington.

This book contains a quality fold-out colour map of Harrington in 1863.

Price £5

"Harrington Through The Years" Book 3

The book includes articles on our harbour ancestors, Norman Sprott's diary, a Yank returns to Harrington, a Harrington man killed on board a Russian cruiser, the Carter family, the McLarty's of Harrington, Harrington shipowners in 1848, Coronation old boys and the Copperas Hill branch line.

Price £5

Unfortunately Books 1 & 2 (below) are no longer available.


Book 2

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