Beckside and Brooklands

Beckside lies in a hollow behind the playing field beside the Brewery House pub.

It is accessed by a lane along the side of the playing field.

This view of Beckside is taken from the (then wooden) footbridge over the beck.

The three young ladies shown are Mary Williamson, Jane Rodgers and Clare Williamson.


Beckside today

The Rogers family visiting

The bridge leads to a steep path up to Stocks Hill coming out near to the old Horse & Plough public house. The path in the other direction is an old right of way which passes behind Dean Avenue and branches right over the old bridge on Milking Hill up towards Broadacres. It also goes straight on to join the cycle path and also connects into the back of Little Croft.

A View of Brooklands and the original cottages

These three cottages in Beckside were demolished in the early 1960's to make
way for Mr. & Mrs Smith's bungalow. The cottage on the left had "1706 A.D."
carved into the stone lintel over the doorway.

Brooklands - Built around 1733
At one time the home of the Williamson shipbuilders family.



A cart outside the gate to Brooklands